Luka Senk

Marathoner & Snowshoe Racer

Luka has been running since he was 10 years old, but really started to get into it in his mid twenties.

He has entered both New York and Boston Marathons, 24hr adventure races, Obstacle course racing, Triathlon both on and off road, Snowshoe running and many different types of trail races all over the world.


Road & Trail Runner

 Last year Roxanne was in 5 running events. 25K on the trail, 21K on the road, and a mix of 10K road and trail events.

 Roxanne had to relearn how to run 3 years ago. Ever since she’s been on a mission to prove to herself that she can accomplish anything that she sets her my mind to.

Sasha Gollish

Experienced Event Racer

Sasha entered her first race in grade 5. That’s about 34 years of running!

She runs approximately 15 events a year. Some are more competitive and goal events than others.

Running is part of Sasha’s identity, and in this running community, it’s our identity that unites us.

Taylor Pieprzak

Experienced Marathoner

Taylor has been a runner since high school competing in both cross country and track on the longer distance side for high school events.

He began running longer distances while attending University at Carleton where he competed in his first Marathon distance. Since then he has competed in several Marathons with a PB of 3:01 and he has qualified for the Chicago Marathon in 2024.

Bradley Cole

Cross Country Runner & Triathlon Trainee

Bradley has always been active with sports. He did cross country throughout high school, and met a coworker who got him to try Tough Mudder and Spartan races.

Bradley has also tried Mud Hero, North of 7 challenge, Limberlost trail run, Pick your Poison, Summit 700 trail run, as well as the Honda waterfront runs. He is currently looking to try a triathlon – learning the swim part is his tough new experience.

Michelle Gordon

Recreational Runner

Michelle has been running for more than 40 years. She used to enter events several times a year but now runs for fitness and relaxation.

Michelle only does the occasional event (like Timber24!)

She runs because she loves to be outside and move!

Kelly Senk

Competitive Trail Runner

Kelly has been running since she was in grade 4 and continued to run competitive club and high school track and field in the 800m and 1500m until going to university to play volleyball. Since then I have raced road and cross country 5ks to running LaCloche Silloutte Trail, 78km. 

Some of the most recent races Kelly has competed in are Provincial Masters Cross Country Championship 5k, 21k Xterra Trail Run World Championships and Rock and Roll Las Vegas 10k.   

jenn tadashore

Road Runner & Triathloner

Jenn has been running since 2000. Mostly road running races (5km to marathon distance) but also running within triathlons and trail events.

She loves running because it allows her to stay fit, enjoy the fresh air, get the mental health benefits, spending time with friends and running with her dog.  

Brock Tadashore

Multi-distance Competitive Runner

Brock has been involved in sport for as long as he can remember, but has been running for approximately 20 years now and more seriously in the last 11 years after the birth of his first daughter. Running was something that allowed Brock to stay active and not be away from his family for too long. 

Brock enjoys competing in any type of race, from a 5K to marathon to trail races of any distance. This year he’s focusing on both the Boston and Chicago Marathon as well as the Timber24.

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