How far do I have to run?

For an 8 person team each runner will do 3 laps of the 8 km course over the 24 hrs. That’s 24 km of total running each (get the Timber24 theme?).

For a 4 person team each runner will do 6 laps of the 8 km course over the 24 hrs. That’s 48 km of total running each.

What can I expect in elevation?

The course will have a total of about 80 m of climbing over 8 km.

How do I enter a team?

The “Team Captain” can start a new team entry by “Create a New Team”. They will create the Team Name, and then can choose to enter themselves and/or add other team members.

If the Team has already been created, you can “Join a Team” easily.

I don’t have a full team, can I still sign up?

Yes. Choose “Individual Registration” and we will create teams from individuals. You get to enjoy the fun event and meet new friends! You can request to be on a created team with friends by emailing us.

If you don’t have quite 8 runners we can also add a runner to your team from “Individual” entered runners to help you create a team. Just email us to request adding runners.

Will the trails be lit?

The trails are not lit and you will require a headlamp while running at night. The trail markers are reflective and easy to follow.

What facilities are there?

Hardwood has a full service chalet with indoor washrooms and change area, food service, grab and go, retail store and indoor seating area. The chalet will be open 24 hours during the Timber24.

What if it’s raining?

We might get a little wet! The festival will carry on under most circumstances. Should there be severe weather, appropriate precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

Can I bring my Camping Trailer?

This will be a tent only event. There will not be any power at your site But we encourage you to decorate your space and make it as comfortable as you want.

Does it matter what order we run in?

Yes. Each runner will have a unique bib/chip number and will be listed on the start list for specific laps. Should you need to switch orders, you will need to let the timing crew know. Stuff happens and will try to accommodate for special circumstances.

What if we miss a lap?

Your total time will be listed along with total laps. (e.g., 24 laps in 22:16:30 or 23 laps in 21:07:30)

Can I bring my dog?

Service dogs are welcome and although we all love dogs, we do not allow all other dogs due to the close proximity of the tent sites. A midnight dog serenade would not make for a great sleep zone. Dogs are not permitted on the trails.

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